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Reading this I thought it really applied to some of the glue ups I have done. I always find myself without enough time, or with glue oozing out from places I don’t really want it.

Using hide glue, as Christopher Schwarz suggests, seems like something worth experimenting with if I need to do a big glue up, or just in general use.

From Lost Art Press:

The only time I feel like I’m a Deep South Bible salesman is when I try to convince people of the merits of hide glue. I’ve spent years honing my case for this glue, which is perfectly designed for furniture makers.

Among younger woodworkers, it’s an easy sell. But for people who have been using yellow or white glue for a decade or two, it’s typically hopeless.

And so I present to you these four photos that show one of the glue’s many merits.

Today I’m tidying up the carcase of a tool chest that is bound for a customer in two weeks. And I found an ugly film of glue that has squeezed out under the top skirt. I’d missed it because it had been obscured by the bar of a clamp.

No worries. I get a small bucket filled with the hottest tap water and fetch a toothbrush…

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Source: Avoid This Disaster with Hide Glue | Lost Art Press