Split-Top Roubo Inspired Workbench

Every woodworker needs a bench, whether its a 8 ft long french workbench with full through dovetailed joinery and a deep brown colored wenge end vice, an old dinner table, or even a stack of pallets, a bench is what lets you to do what you do…nothing more to it. I have read many articles detailing what type of bench feature you need to do X, Y and Z, and in the end, it comes down to just needing a sturdy flat work surface and the rest will follow suit.

For me, the stack of pallets wasn’t quite cutting it anymore (for some unknown reason). Especially since it tended to wobble around when I would do just. about. anything. I needed something better, and after learning that it is somewhat of a right of passage for woodworkers to make their own bench, I thought that would make a good first ‘official’ woodworking project. Continue reading